Club events are now taking place indoors and outdoors. The outdoor events carry low risks but indoor events require some consideration from attendees. To reduce the risk of spreading Covid-19 to others, the club recommends that, before attending an indoor social event, you take a rapid lateral flow test if you have not been fully vaccinated or if you are feeling unwell.

This recommendation is additional to (not instead of) any rules or guidance by government or by an establishment.


In case restrictions are re-introduced in future the procedures that the club will follow for organised events are listed below. These may need to be updated if they are to be applied again.

Organised Outdoor Activities
To be an organised event the following procedures must be followed. These procedures are based on the BMC COVID guidelines and Welsh Government regulations.

COVID Officer
The club has appointed a COVID Officer, to draw up club COVID procedures in line with
regulations and to oversee their implementation. The responsibilities of the COVID officer are detailed in document COVID Officer Responsibilities.

The Club COVID Officer is:-
Jane Kenney, contact: email, phone: 07578 168605

Meet organisers
Any club member may organise a club meet, but must follow the instructions given in document Instructions for Meet Organisers.

Print out or copy onto your phone the below documents for a short COVID briefing on the day of the event.

Self-declaration by participants
All participants at club meets must read and agree to the self declaration given in document Self Declaration by Participants of Organised Meets.

Risk assessment
A risk assessment has been completed for organised meets. This assesses the risk of catching COVID-19 at organised meets, and details measured taken to minimise the risk. All participants and  particularly the meet organiser must read the risk assessment.
All risk assessments will be retained for 3 years.

Preparation for Incidents
The principle of CMC is that all participants are responsible for looking after each other. The COVID officer, meet organiser or an experienced first aider will take the lead if first aid is required but will not take sole responsibility for first aid. They will carry disposable gloves and goggles as well as a face covering and hand sanitizer, but all participants should carry a face covering and hand sanitizer, and are encouraged to carry disposable gloves as well.


Risk Assessments



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