Planning Guidelines & Cancellation Policy

Any member can organise a trip or event. However, if you want to ask the club to consider covering some financial outlay (say a hut booking) then you are expected to have planned far enough in advance to place your item on the next committee meeting agenda (approximately every 3 months).

Try to judge enthusiasm and know how much the trip will cost. Possible venue suggestions:
Cwm Glas Mawr hut in LLanberis Pass (£40 per night, sleeps 11 and requires 1 CC member).
Moelwyn Cottage at PyB (£236 per night sleeps 16).

What you bring to the committee would benefit from detail; numbers of people interested, costs, possible dates, how much you want to have underwritten and when any loan would be paid back.

Advertise: Use the website forum. Ask the Chair or Secretary to e-mail the membership with information about the event, asking for expressions of interest.
A minimum of 50{af8bd55f167b06c94712a922b053eaac459d59a4edd45635251554ece94d7a56} deposit must be asked for and the rest of the money 1 month before the trip.

To establish a buffer fund where the club has underwritten costs, an extra £1 per person should be charged and the monies given to the club treasurer.

Everyone going on a club trip must be a fully paid up member. Check with the membership secretary or the latest Clwydian to confirm the membership status of those interested. Members can bring guests to events such as the annual BBQ, AGM, club dinners and winter slide shows.

CMC Trips and Events Cancellation Policy

The following policy applies to members who, having paid their deposit for club trips, then want to cancel. Under those circumstances members will be required to pay their full share of the trip. The reason being that, if they didn’t, their cancellation would result in those remaining, or the club, incurring increased costs.

Those booking themselves on club events such as the annual BBQ, coaching weekends, and club dinners etc. should pay as soon as possible and will be expected to pay the full cost on cancellation.

Anyone who cancels from a trip or event is, of course, free to recruit another member to go in their place and recoup the monies from them perhaps by advertising or selling their place on the club website forum.